Photos by Benjamin Robson. 

The annual Week of Welcome (WOW) took place Aug. 21 through Aug 30. Over 50 campus-wide events were held, encouraging students to leave their dorms and get involved.

The 49er New Year and kick-off concert began with the axe dropping, representing the beginning of a new fall semester. This was followed up with performances by DJ Recognize and Chuck Inglish, an up and coming rapper whose music features artists such as Mac Miller and Chance the Rapper.

Although not many knew Roth’s songs, other than his famous throwback “I Love College,” his performance was high energy and interactive. Multiple students had the opportunity to jump on stage with Roth, while he also made sure to hype up the rest of the crowd.

Being a 49er was taken literally Wednesday night, when 49,000 water balloons were prepared for the ultimate battle. Many students were confused about what time the fight actually started and said that due to sprinklers, most students were already soaked before the fight began. Although many students felt that the fight did not last for very long despite the wait.

Thursday night’s WOW “Wild-N-Out” comedy show was perhaps one of the best turnouts of the week, with a line of students so long, that it was forced to wrap around flights of stairs in the Student Union. Once inside, the show began with a few sketches done by cast members B Daht, Jacob Williams, and RIP Micheals.

Volunteers were later brought on stage to participate in a reenactment of their show. There were a few jaw dropping moments, but B Daht attempted to calm the crowd by saying that the shock value and unexpected moments were what he loved about the improv show.

It was also the first year that the WOW committee had their outdoor movie shown on the Jerry Richardson football stadium. Students were able to lay out on the field as they enjoyed the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and were given UNCC construction hats, which was a nice change from the sunglasses and gym bags that were handed out all week.

If you didn’t mind waiting in lines, the week was filled with free shirts and food. The WOW staff did an impressive job ensuring there were numerous events each day, that not only brought in the new year but gave students the chance to discover organizations and opportunities that they otherwise may have not known about.

Alexandria Sands is the Niner Times' community editor. She is a senior majoring in Communication Studies with a double minor in Journalism and English. Her work has been published in Charlotte magazine, The Charlotte Business Journal, Creative Loafing, The Gaston Gazette, The Shelby Star and The State Port Pilot. When she's not in the newsroom, you can catch her reading a book at her home in Oak Island. Reach her at or @alexsands_.