Spoiler Warning for this week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead”

Liza (Photo courtesy of AMC)
Liza (Photo courtesy of AMC)

Wow! What an episode! Everything is escalating and our characters’ situation has become extremely dire. “Cobalt” is by far my favorite episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” thus far.

We begin the episode with a rather strange scene featuring a new character, Strand (Colman Domingo). Strand is a mysterious man who happens to be in the same situation as Nick. Both are locked in an internment-style quarantine area at the military hospital. Strand has managed to negotiate and earn the trust of a few soldiers. Through this, he manages to steal a key, most likely leading to an escape attempt with Nick in the next episode. I’m still unsure if I trust this new character, but he is definitely interesting to watch.

Ofelia and Daniel are two other very engrossing characters to watch in this episode. We learned last week that Ofelia has managed to win the heart of Corporal Adams. Ofelia and Daniel are both very frustrated with the lack of information regarding Griselda, who was taken to the military hospital for treatment. Daniel devises a plan to gain knowledge about what exactly the military is doing. The stand out character for this episode is definitely Daniel, who will do anything to protect his family. He is the definition of a true survivor in the world of “The Walking Dead.” Ofelia betrays Adams, who becomes the source of information for Daniel and the group as a whole.

Chris is one of the characters that totally annoyed me for the first three episodes. However, now I feel sympathy for what he is going through. Travis treats him unfairly and his mother is away at the hospital. Alicia senses his uneasiness and tries to cheer him up. The two break into an abandoned home that was once owned by “rich people,” as described by Alicia. I greatly enjoyed the scenes between Chris and Alicia as they destroy the interior of the home for fun and to release their pent-up stress and anger. Although, there seems to be some strange romantic attraction between the two. They aren’t technically related, but I hope they just remain friends.

Chris & Alicia (Photo courtesy of AMC)
Chris & Alicia (Photo courtesy of AMC)

Travis manages to persuade Lieutenant Moyers (Jamie McShane) to take him to the hospital where Liza, Nick and Griselda are. We begin to see unrest among the soldiers as many of them complain of exhaustion. Travis and the soldiers never make it to the hospital as the infected begin to retake the city. Travis still seems to hold onto the hope that the infected are still alive, even as he sees what they are capable of.

Back with Daniel we see that he has tortured Adams for information. Some interesting backstory for the Salazar family is also revealed. Daniel and his family fled a war-torn El Salvador, therefore he knows what people are willing to do in order to survive. Through Adams, it is revealed that there is a military plan in place called “Cobalt.” The plan includes a full military evacuation from the L.A. Basin and a “humane termination” of the remaining civilians. Everything is set to go down at 9 a.m. the next morning.

At the hospital, Liza and Dr. Exner treat sick and injured soldiers and civilians. The scenes at the hospital were incredibly eerie and tense. Liza begins to understand the process of becoming infected. Several patients are brought in with bite marks and Dr. Exner explains that no risks are taken when it comes to bite victims. Unfortunately, my prediction regarding Griselda came true. Her foot was amputated, but septic shock took over her body, which led to her dying in front of a heartbroken Liza. Dr. Exner explains to Liza that everyone who dies, will come back as one of the infected and that the brain must be destroyed in order to prevent reanimation. Liza shoots Griselda in the head to prevent her from coming back.

Even though it was very predictable and we didn’t really get to know her well, Griselda’s death is despairing. In the world of “The Walking Dead,” death is inevitable and common. Griselda is the first of many main characters that will meet a tragic end on this show, but the painful part comes in the reaction of who is left behind. This loss will greatly impact the group, especially Ofelia and Daniel.

This episode definitely picked up the pace from last week. I am becoming more and more invested in these characters and their struggles. The military aspect adds a unique perspective into the beginning of the apocalypse that was not shown on the original series. I’m excited to see if Nick and Strand are able to escape from the hospital. Hopefully, Liza will team up with Dr. Exner to escape as well. With a devastating loss and a deadly countdown looming over our survivors, next week’s season finale is sure to be absolutely insane. Be sure to tune into “Fear the Walking Dead” next Sunday on AMC.


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