One can never have too many clothes! Photo by Kristen Cheatam.

As the sizzling summer weather starts to drift to the other half of the world and cooler weather is slowly approaching, it’s now time to ditch that summer wardrobe for warm fall sweaters, dark lips and cozy boots. Yes, sadly it’s time to get rid of those oversized t-shirts paired with Jack Rodger’s and express your personal style. Whether you’re front row at a Football game, or hauling five miles across campus for an evening class, it’s important to look stylish while power walking or cheering in the stands. In order to smoothly transition into fall, the first step is to throw out those summer clothes and go shopping. Luckily, with help from these quick fashion tips you’ll learn what works for individual style, so shopping for those cool fall nights will be a breeze.

Night Out:

You’re sitting in the library studying, and suddenly you receive an urgent text from Bae saying he wants to take you to dinner and a movie, but you panic because you have nothing to wear. Wait, don’t panic, I can assure you, you have plenty of fierce options stuffed in those plastic storage bins of yours. You just have to know how to style them. First things first, for the fall it can be difficult creating night time looks that coincide with the weather because this is Charlotte, N.C. The weather is never consistent. For a cool fall night, sequined cocktail dresses and long cuffed bodysuits paired with black tailored blazers provide the perfect and very versatile, “Day-time to Night-time” look. Beaded tights add glamour to a long patterned lace dress without draining the entire look. To give the illusion that you walked straight off a Paris runway, pair silk draped, seductive gowns in either teal, sangria and chartreuse with shimmering gold accents and a crimson matte lip (as seen in Monique Lhullier’s Ready to Wear Fall 2015 collection) to give Bae the shock of his lifetime! On the other hand, being stylish doesn’t mean wearing expensive clothes, Zara, Forever 21 and H&M carry all of these fashion necessities. Even thrift stores such as Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange and Uptown Cheapskate offer fashionable options at low, college friendly prices.

Outdoor Events:

We’ve all seen them, the girl that wears heels to Football games cautiously stepping from bleacher to bleacher, while everybody is watching and praying to see her tumble down. Unless you’re sitting at the front row, or being carried by a slew of servants I would not recommend heels for outdoor sporting events. Set the heels aside and pick up a sleek pair of strapped ankle boots or stylish velvet loafers in order have a safe, yet stylish, journey to the top of those steps! It can be difficult to dress for transitioning weather, especially when one night it’s blizzard cold, then the next it’s the Sahara desert which could make planning an outfit more miserable than driving in UNCC traffic at 2 p.m. But there’s one solution to make things so much easier: Checking the weather. Before you decide to throw on that ratty UNCC t-shirt from freshman year, a windbreaker and those dusty jeans, stop yourself. It’s possible to still look stylish while showing school spirit! A 49er t-shirt could be paired with a metallic gold pencil skirt, with sleek ankle boots and gold accessories. Swap the t-shirt for your own green and gold ensemble that reflects your personal style. Maybe a taupe jumpsuit paired with a dark green bib necklace, or a dark green midi skirt with a patterned cardigan if you’re feeling flirty. Let’s face it, jeans and t-shirts are the go-to outfit for most college students, but on a campus filled with 28,000 students, your style can truly set you apart. So take the time to reinvent your style for the fall and have fun making heads turn.


  1. This puts me in a shopping mood! Thanks for the tips on reinventing my style! You are a fabulous fashionista and I can’t wait to read your next article! More fashion and beauty tips PLEEEEASE!

  2. Wow this article is cool and takes my whiskers away! I feel like diving in like a tiger and tearing away the mask of laziness that holds the key to a brighter lifestyle. Thanks for awakening the spirit in me to take the challenge. Looking forward to your next article.😀

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