Generation Y, also referred to as the Millennial generation, is different from any other generation that has ever been. This generation has new technological advancements that our parents would not have dreamed of as children, and the world we live in now is different even from when we were children.

Although this generation has its flaws, I have heard some very negative things about us that are very skewed and incorrect. Things such as: we are lazy, we always have our noses in technology, we do not have goals, etc. These assertions are not true, and I have developed a list of reasons why Generation Y is actually a lot better than how we are commonly portrayed:

  1. We promote acceptance.

Millennials are the most accepting and tolerant generation that has ever been. Our generation is more open-minded and less likely to discriminate against others. Many Millennials advocate for gay rights, less racial discrimination and feminism. We widely accept people of any sexuality, background and ethnicity. Our generation self-identifies as more tolerant of different opinions, ideas and cultures.

  1. We have technology.

There is a ton of negativity about this generation and technology. People say Millennials survive on technology and that it ruins our brains by making life easier. Actually though, technology allows our brain to switch between multiple things more quickly and to finish tasks faster. Technology has allowed us to grow and learn more easily and keeps us connected to not only close friends and family, but the rest of the world. Technology is a gateway to knowledge and should not be looked down upon.

UNC Charlotte students harness technology for education. Photo by Ashley Foster.
UNC Charlotte students harness technology for education. Photo by Ashley Foster
  1. We are intelligent.

Especially due to technological advancements for Generation Y, we are much more intelligent than other generations have been. We have unlimited access to information and news at almost all times of the day. Because of this, our generation is more prone to go to college and seek higher goals than past generations have been. 

  1. We actually have more priorities.

Generations in the past had two priorities: getting married and getting paid. Millennials have less focus on finding their perfect romantic relationship and instead, focus on personal goals. We want to achieve things in the world that older generations would have never thought of. We have goals to travel, to find the right career and to help make the world a more peaceful place.

  1. We have a more feminist society.

A lot of people are scared of being called a “feminist,” but feminism is the belief that both genders are equal. This generation is a lot more in tune with women’s rights and acceptance of both genders as equals. Also, Millennials know that feminism does not mean that women get to rule everything, but rather that women can be treated as equals. Gender roles are less pronounced in Generation Y, and the relationships between genders are more equal.

  1. We are extremely environmentally aware.

Generation Y is one of the first generations to care about the environment and the Earth. We recycle more than ever, and we promote environmental friendly procedures. We are aware of how our actions affect both ourselves and future generations, and Millennials work to make the earth  a cleaner and safer place to live.

Millennials, overall, are not bad people. We have our flaws, as does everyone, but we are a more accepting and advanced generation than those of the past. We promote peace and love in our society, and we are more informed about everything going on around us. Our technology has made us become more intelligent and develop important priorities in life. Generation Y is very complex and has made some mistakes, but we manage to overcome them no matter what.