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Photo by Nicole Buckenham

With school back in session, it means all those long and hardworking days are back as well. Throughout the day, whether it is running back and forth between your classes, stressing over exams or just trying to withstand the hot summer heat, that makeup you applied in the A.M. is slowly coming off as the day turns into P.M. With help from these five back-to-school beauty products provided below, it’s safe to say that beautiful makeup you applied before you went to class this morning is going to last you a little longer throughout your busy day than usual.

A lot of makeup users underestimate the power of a primer and tend to skip this step. A primer really is one of the most important steps when doing your makeup just because it is good for so many things. The “Too Faced Primed and Poreless” primer for example can do three things all at one time. It is good for laying down a good clean base for your foundation to lay upon, it minimizes the look of your pores and most importantly it keeps the rest of your face makeup staying on strong for the rest of your day. You can find the Too Faced primer at your local Ulta.

Everyone knows a good concealer is vital when doing your makeup. But, you probably didn’t know you should own two concealers in two different shades. You should own a concealer in a color that matches your skin tone so you can cover up any breakouts coming from all the stress of going back to school. Also, you should own a concealer a few shades lighter than your skin tone to apply under the eyes. This way the lighter shade covers up dark circles as well as brightens them so it looks like you got eight hours of sleep when you actually didn’t because you had to stay up all night studying for that one test. The NYX concealer wand is perfect for buying two shades because it comes in a variety of skin tones and is also super inexpensive! You can find NYX products at Target.

Matte Lip
Now, going back to school also means that you’ll be meeting tons of new people and trying to look your best through some long, hard days. A perfect lip to last you through the day as well as being in style is a good old matte lip. The color that is in right now (thanks to Kylie Jenner who brought it back from the 90’s) is a dark nude. The nude that you see her rockin’ is called “Whirl” from Mac Cosmetics. Originally it was just a lip-liner but now they have come out with the lipstick to match! This lipstick is on trend, will last throughout the day without drying your lips out and also goes with any outfit. You can find “Whirl” at any Mac store.

Makeup Setting Spray
A makeup setting spray is just a misted spray that you apply to your face after your makeup is complete. It should always be your last step when doing your makeup. Makeup setting sprays are good for keeping powders, concealers and eye-shadows from absorbing into your skin and melting off. Different makeup setting sprays do different things as well as keeping your makeup lasting throughout the day, but NYX’s matte setting spray is designed to keep your makeup matte as well which really helps you from getting oily in the hot summer heat when going back to school. You can find the NYX matte setting spray at Ulta.

Clean and Clear’s Oil Absorbing Sheets
Clean and Clear’s oil absorbing sheets are an oldie but a goodie. They have been around for a while, but never seem to fail. If you’ve never used these sheets before, they are just a thin blue sheet you blot on your face to take excess oil off without removing your makeup. These sheets are so helpful when you get sweaty and oily from running around all over school. They’re small enough to put in your book bag and reach for them whenever you need it! You can find Clean and Clear’s oil absorbing sheets at any drug store.