moist bottle cropped
Photo by Kristen Cheatam.

Dry hair? Bad hair day? Bad hair life? Don’t give up. For the days where your hair feels dehydrated and is impossible to style, revive those locks with a moisturizing conditioner. Aussie Moist conditioner is the Holy Grail for hair-repair products. Not only is it cheap, but it does exactly what it states on the bottle, “No more crying over dry.” With that being said, this conditioner can be used in more ways than one, it can serve as a leave-in conditioner, a deep conditioner, or simply a detangler. Aussie Moist is perfect for the curly beauties with tame-resistant, moisture-resistant, and frizz happy hair. When applied to damp hair (as the directions say on the bottle), the conditioner melts away frizz and magically Along with perfectly coiled curls, this conditioner leaves a heavenly scent similar to the smell of melted marshmallows on your hair for days. If you’re in a rush and your hair is parched, mix equal parts water and conditioner into a spray bottle and spray where needed. You’ll leave your house smelling like roasted s’mores with healthy, frizz-free, moisture-rich hair.

If you’re chemical-conscious or only use all-natural hair products, this conditioner may not quite meet your standards. Although this product is sulfate-free, the second main ingredient in this product is Alcohol, which is known to dry out hair, create slit-ends, and promote breakage. This is a complete myth. Aussie Moist is proof, this conditioner definitely lived up to its name with this magical potion, because moist has never sounded so fitting. The first main ingredient is water which is absolutely fabulous for thirsty, brittle, over-processed hair. Has that Dominican blowout sweated out and you’re ready to revive those curls? Slap in a palm sized amount (because nobody really uses a pea-sized) of Aussie Moist as a deep conditioner, put on a plastic cap and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash it out with cool water to lock in the moisture and prepare to be amazed at the magical powers Aussie Moist has sprung upon those dusty strands by resurrecting your curls from the dead. Aussie Moist conditioner is without a doubt the most over-rated product in the hair world, it’s affordable which makes it college student friendly and works similar to high-end salon conditioners without the steep price tag. Why not get quality at a reasonable price? A 29.2 ounce bottle can be found at local supermarkets such as Walmart or Target for only five dollars. Not to mention the longevity of the massive amount of product, which means you shouldn’t have to worry about conditioner for 1-3 months.


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