Photo by Sarah Ro


As the season changes, so does the beauty products that you use. To ensure you look your best throughout the summer of 2015, here are the top five beauty must-haves that you should have in your makeup bag.


Whether it is a spray or lotion, always bring some form of SPF around with you in the summertime. Most of us already know the dangers of not protecting our skin from sun damage. If not, here is a few: risk of skin cancer, discoloration, brown spots and wrinkled skin. Convinced? Many brands are coming out with travel size bottles of SPF, so grab one at your local drugstore or Target and be consistent in applying it everyday.

2 Waterproof Mascara

In beauty magazines and beauty blogs, when asked “What is the one makeup product you cannot leave the house with?” the overwhelming majority say mascara. The answer is not surprising- mascara has the ability to thicken the lash line and open the eyes, making them seem wider and more awake. But come summertime, the season of excess sweat and oil, some girls become prone to panda eyes, in which black streaks are found around the eye area due to mascara transferring. Hence, waterproof mascara is a necessity in this hot season. It ensures that your mascara will stay on your lashes throughout the day and not move around. In addition, it has been shown that waterproof mascara helps to hold the eyelash curl for a longer time.

3 Tinted Lip Balm

In winter, we love our dark matte berry lipsticks. In spring, we reach for our light pink lip glosses. In summer, tinted lip balms are the lip product to go with. It helps to keep the lips moisturized while also giving a sheer tint of color. One of my personal favorites is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, which smells of fruit punch, keeps my lips moisturized and gives off a cherry red tint. You won’t have to worry about applying it perfectly or stress about it transferring to your teeth because the formula is the same as that of a normal lip balm.

4 Body Mist

Its summer- naturally, you may sweat a lot or the people around you may sweat a lot. Regardless of which one it is, it’s always nice to have a pleasantly scented body mist with you. Two very popular places for body mists are Victoria Secret as well as Bath and Body Works. Both stores sell a variety of scents ranging from fruity to floral for affordable prices. A few sprays of whichever body mist you choose will ensure that you smell fresh and sweet throughout the day. Just remember not to overspray- three to four pumps will always do the trick.

5 Mattifying Powder

You will probably be taking a lot of pictures over the summer, whether it’s a family vacation or a spontaneous beach trip with friends. Hence, a mattifying powder is absolutely essential to avoid the dreaded “oil slick face.” Simply touching up throughout the day will prevent the excess oil and allow you to put your best face forward. A holy grail favorite of most is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder which can be easily found at your local drugstore for four dollars.

Sarah is a senior business student double-majoring in Marketing and HR Management. She loves to read, write, explore new cities and watch TedTalks. Her favorite college experience was studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea. In the future, she hopes to continue writing- both professionally and personally.