Photos by Makeedah Baker
Fourteen competing Greek fraternities and sororities performed Friday night in UNC Charlotte’s Halton Arena. The event, which is organized by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, was open to the public. Friends, family and alumni rooted for their favorite dancers. Greeks watching in the stands cheered on their chapters, waved their house letters and screamed in support.

Sororities and fraternities performed several choreographed, dance themes ranging from Charlie’s Angels, Alice in Wonderland, to Toy Story and the Evolution of Miley Cyrus. In the end, Sigma Phi Epsilon won by doing a Finding Nemo routine, and Chi Omega won with their haunted mansion theme.

Visitors say they enjoyed Airband, and thought all the dances were exciting. Jackie Saya and Kacey Lay said this was their fourth Airband. Both are graduated sorority members, who came to show love to their sisters.

Saya was in Zeta Tau Alpha and danced in Airband for three years. She said she had a good time cheering on her sorority.

“I think it was good, there’s more fraternities and sororities this year,” Saya said.

Lay, who was part of Chi Omega, said she also had a great time.

“I loved it!” said Lay. “I didn’t really have a team, I was just coming to watch.”

Dancers said they love the experience of being in Airband.

Lara Delfino of Zeta Tau Alpha said she was happy with her performance. Her sorority tied for second and she had fun dancing.

This was Delfino’s second Airband. For her, it’s an amazing experience to share with her sisters.

“It goes by so fast, and you don’t realize what you’re doing because you’re so nervous, but then when you get off you want to do it all over again,” she said.

Even those that didn’t do well enjoyed Airband. Lance Graham Allen from Kappa Sigma said although his frat didn’t place this year it’s always fun to perform.

“It’s cool, you just get a big adrenaline rush, so, yeah, it’s fun!” Allen said.

Nicole Pacitti of Chi Omega said this was her third year performing. She was excited that Chi Omega could win first place for a second time.

“It feels good, it feels awesome,” Pacitti said.

Pacitti said winning Airband took a lot of hard work. For over a month, she practiced late into the night with her sisters, but she loves it because she loves Chi Omega.

“I wanted to join Chi O to find a sisterhood and girls I knew would have my back throughout all my college years, and just find the best friends and sisters that I always wanted,” she said.

Venson Nunnaley, from Sigma Phi Epsilon, said it feels great that his brothers won Airband for a second year, especially now that he’s graduating.

Nunnaley said Airband was the defining moment that motivated him to succeed in his fraternity. It made him realize how hard work can pay off.

“Regardless of how many times I’m up there, you’re still getting butterflies, your heart’s still racing, but as soon as the music hits it’s automatic,” Nunnaley said. “It really shows that the more practice, you put time in, you put effort into it then you’re going to be successful…”