Photo courtesy of UNC Charlotte Film Club
Photo courtesy of UNC Charlotte Film Club

Music, art, culture and love – it’s more than just that vitamin C we don’t get our recommended daily dose of. The second annual Gold Reel Student Film Festival takes place April 25, at 5 p.m. in the McKnight Hall in the Cone Center. Short films, music videos and documentaries will be shown to celebrate student filmmaking at. Many of your colleagues will be there showing off their work, allowing you, the viewer, to look into their minds and get a glimpse of its creative output.

Why should you go? Well, as the world develops and the population grows, every moment of every day is being absorbed and processed by billions of people, with billions of different perspectives. Understanding your surroundings is important, and it’s not every day you’re allowed a glimpse into how your peers absorb these moments – what influences them, what they take away from daily interactions and how they transform all of this information into art.

Some students have been working for years on these projects, and you are invited to come to witness their fruition. These projects have the potential to speak to you in a tone you’ve never heard before, connecting dots in your head you’ve never associated with each other and opening your eyes to how the other side lives. In the same way that I advocate studying rap music in order to better understand the struggle of urban life, I urge you to come, watch and digest the tales that will be shown and told tomorrow (and at any future festivals) in order to better understand who you’ve been associating with by attending UNC Charlotte.

If nothing above has persuaded you, maybe the word “free” can. This is a free event put on by members of the UNC Charlotte Film Club and held every April. If not to open your mind to the world around you, then at least come for a good time. If you love movies, music or documentaries, it is in your best interest to attend.

If all else fails at coaxing you into attending, the last thing I would like to bring to your attention is that representatives from the upcoming movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will be there, handing out prizes and offering the opportunity to win Imax 3-D tickets to an early screening of the movie.

I, and many others, look forward to seeing you there.