There comes a time in every feminist’s life where he or she must take a break from fighting the patriarchy to succumb to it.

I’m talking about job-hunting, and specifically in this case the dreaded post-college job-hunt.

Like many other (soon to be alum) Niners, I am in the throws of what may be the most stressful part of my young life. Soon I will walk across a stage in Halton Arena, turn my tassel and enter the next adventure of life.

I’d prefer to enter this adventure with the promise of gainful employment. Unfortunately for me, numerous factors are standing in the way of me and the job that will spark my passions.

After talking with peers, it seems that the most challenging aspect of the post-college job-hunt is knowing what jobs to apply for. How qualified does an internship make someone for an entry-level career, or a career that asks for one to two years experience? When they say a master’s degree is preferred, but not required, how greatly will the employer be swayed away from we B.A.-to-be graduates?

The best question in the job search comes from the ladies; does it matter that we’re checking the female box on the application?


Naturally, employers will say no. If they said gender mattered, that would be a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen.

Well, my fellow females, it does seem that the way our genders hurt us the most is in our minds.

Studies show us that women only apply for jobs when they are 100 percent qualified, whereas male counterparts will apply for positions that they are only 60 percent qualified for. This is nothing new, as these statistics have been circling the Internet for a while. The real question is whether or not this is accurate.

I vote yes. The strong, fiery women in my life are often held back by their own negative thoughts.

No longer, my friends! We must unite in the fight against patriarchy and fight in the only way that will really leave long-term changes. We must infiltrate the masculine market.

In the past three months, I have applied to 87 jobs. You heard me. Eighty-seven. Some of which, gasp, I wasn’t 100 percent qualified for.

“Eden, you’re nuts,” you say.

Nope, I’m not. I’m dedicated to finding employment.

The worst thing that can come from me submitting my resume is I won’t get called back. Well, I’m already not getting called back by not applying at all. And what if by applying, I do get a call? Sure, you’ll only get called back 5 percent of the time, but the more I apply for, the higher my chances of getting that call are. Sometimes one piece on your resume or in your portfolio will stand out so much, and the employer will call just to find out more about that. Maybe it won’t matter so much that I only know the basics on one skill, but can dominate with another.

Additionally, I know where I want to be 20 years from now in my career, but I don’t quite know what path I will take to get there. Any one of those 87 jobs could be the job that starts me going the right way.

It isn’t like I have a family or anyone to support. I can take risks with my job applications. I can do contract work, or temp-work. I can relocate if I want to. I just need to find that one opportunity, and I need to find it before a male who is 60 percent qualified finds it.

Eden Creamer was the Editor-in-Chief for the Niner Times from May 2013 through April 2015. She graduated from UNC Charlotte in May 2015, receiving her degree in Communication Studies with minors in English, Journalism and Women's Studies. She now does freelance proofing, copywriting and design in the Charlotte area, and can be reached at