It has been said that this drink can loosen up even the tightest chest congestion. It has also been said that doctors once prescribed this drink in place of traditional cough medicine. Some people believe that this drink is over 500 years old.

No matter what you have heard, after trying out this simple recipe, the hot totty will surely become your favorite winter drink.

While most alcoholic drinks are served chilled or “on the rocks,” a hot totty is served steaming hot.

A reoccuring debate seems to revolve around what the exact recipe consists. You must remember that this drink is ancient.

The recipe has traveled around the world and has taken on different adaptations according to different countries. However, it is a common consensus that a hot toddy features some type of brown liquor, hot tea and a sweetener.

A common American concoction features whiskey, black tea, honey and lemon.

Although the medicinal benefits of alcohol is unclear, when it comes to treating the flu or an upper respiratory infection, alcohol can help to lull you to sleep and distraction you from your sickness. It is recommended to avoid depending on this drink while trying to recover from illness, due to alcohol’s dehydrating properties.

A hot totty is an overall great drink for relaxing during these cold, classless, snow days.