Brothers Zack and Sam DuPont of The DuPont Brothers celebrate their two year anniversary at SXSW 2015


On a scale of one to Champ the Loch ness monster, how Vermont are you? Well, Zack DuPont, older brother and guitar player for The DuPont Brothers eats Ben & Jerry’s, wears flannel three times a week and likes maple syrup in his coffee. Their Vermont-Made Folk music blends the pensive winters of the north with the beautiful solitude of the southwest.

“Its more folk than Americana. Although it has its elements of rootsy-er stuff,” Zack explains.

Zack along with younger brother, Sam are preparing for their first album release tour.

“We’re not a gimmicky band at all, just two guys playing acoustic guitar and singing. We try to get the most out of those four elements.”

The duo recorded the twelve-song collection, “Heavy as Lead” in their grandparents cabin in southern Vermont. Zack, whose been engineering since 17 says the record serves as a map in navigating through hard times.

“We kind of wrote these songs about them and also about a lot of other stuff, but to kind of put a time capsule on their lives,” Zack says.

The guys evenly split the songwriting for the album as a tribute to their late grandparents.

“I love the songs that I write, but there’s something really cool about being able to play other peoples songs,” Zack says.

It’s the tales told through folk music that captivates him.

“The stories, folk music has such an interesting history…it’s music by the folk! Also, the traditional aspect of it, how it’s passed down from generation to generation.”

After being separated while Sam attended school in Arizona, the siblings began writing together and sharing show bills while on winter break in Vermont.

“He started writing these tunes out there and I would go visit him and it just kind of blew my mind.”

After a successful show with Zack’s band, it was decided, The DuPont Brothers were formed.

“That was actually our first show ever, on the supposed eve of the end of the world, 12,2012,” Zack recalls.

Making their way through the Brooklyn, then trekking down south, the two are set to play at this year’s South by South West Festival (SXSW) featuring a Vermont music showcase sponsored by their local radio station.

“Not only to be a part of the festival, but also stand along side our colleagues from Vermont and represent Vermont.”

As for their Charlotte show, Thursday, March 12 at The Evening Muse, expect The DuPont Brothers to be themselves.

“We really kind of speak our own language when we play music. The songwriting really stand on its own…We really want to invite people in and make them feel like they’re sitting in the living room or something,” Zack says.

“Heavy As Lead” is available now on iTunes

For more music and information on The DuPont Brothers, visit their website at www.DuPontBrothersMusic.com

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