In today’s electronic culture, proper posture is often ignored. We are constantly hunched over computers, tablets and phones. With hours spent in the same position, our fragile spines suffer greatly.

The human spine consists of several interlocking bones called vertabrae. These vertabrae allign your body properly for sitting, standing and walking. In order to keep the vertabrae working, the muscles surrounding them must be storng enough to support the bones.

This is where many people face problems.

When slouching, hunching or otherwise practicing poor posture, you are ignoring important muscles groups such as the erectus spinae. Over years of neglect, these muscles weaken, which can cause  significant health problems such as hyperkyphosis, aslo know as a humpback.

It is extremely importamt to take control ofyour posture at a young age, in order to prevent spinal problems when you age.

Good posture has many other benefits, including appearence of a slimmer waist.

Correcting your posture does not require years of medical braces or surgery. You can follow these convient tips everyday to help protect your vunerable spine.

1)An app

Posture Man Pat for iOS and Posture Trainer for Android are two phone applications that constantly remind you to sit up straight. These apps use your phone’s camera to analyze your head and neck position and will alert you with a vibrating message when you begin to slouch.

2)Belly button to back

Unsure that you are sitting or standing correctly? Try this exercise. Take a deep breath while lifting the top of your chest to the ceiling. Then contract your belly button as if you are pushing it back towards your spine. Let out your breath but remain in this postition. This is proper posture.

3)Lumbar support

Look for ways to support your lower back, which may have become weak due to improper posture. Wearable and comfortable back braces can be commonly be boughtat your local Walmart, Walgreens or Target. If you do not want to wear a lumbar supporter, you can also place a portable in your desk chair, driver’s seat, or couch. The Lumbar Seat by Medical Products is a good otption.

Remember that we only get one body. We must take time to  care for it throughout our lives. Practicing proper posture is one way to keep our muscles strong and our bones in order.