Photo by Eden Creamer

We are in the downward slope of the semester. Professors are starting to talk about final exams and papers, and long nights in the library or by the light of a desk lamp are quickly approaching.

That being said, caffeine consumption across campus is skyrocketing. If you’re not in the mood for a coffee or a traditional Monster, there are plenty of alternatives. One interesting choice is Red Bull Total Zero Cherry Edition.

New in 2015, the wild cherry flavored energy drink is certainly a viable option for caffeine content, with 114 mg per 12 ounces of drink.

Upon first sip, it tastes a lot like a carbonated cherry Kool-Aid, which in my opinion is a good thing because it is making me think of my childhood. Fair warning, if you aren’t a fan of artificial cherry flavors, you definitely won’t like this drink. If you like that kind of taste, though, you’ll enjoy it.

Photo by Eden Creamer

Now, no, it isn’t healthy. Anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce won’t be completely healthy, and I have no idea how to pronounce “Acesulfame K” and “Niacinamide.” What I am surprised by is the lack of aspartame, which in most calorie and sugar free beverages is the way it is sweetened.

If you’re in the market for a new energy drink, go ahead and give this one a try. Other new flavors include an orange and a tropical flavor. I haven’t gotten around to the orange flavor yet, but Yellow Edition tastes oddly like a mild Piña colada.

Eden Creamer was the Editor-in-Chief for the Niner Times from May 2013 through April 2015. She graduated from UNC Charlotte in May 2015, receiving her degree in Communication Studies with minors in English, Journalism and Women's Studies. She now does freelance proofing, copywriting and design in the Charlotte area, and can be reached at