Photos by Linnea Stoops & Makeedah Baker.


UNC Charlotte students welcomed spring with an explosion of colors and laughter during the fourth annual Holi Moli festival.

Hundreds of students gathered on the campus front field to join in the festivities. The spring event, which is sponsored by Campus Activities Board (CAB), was held this year on March 24. Based on the Indian spring festival, Holi, the event celebrates the arrival of the spring season, and absolution. Students forgave and forgot past wrongs by joyfully splashing themselves with colored powder and water under blasting American and Indian pop music.

Over the years, word of mouth and promotion have allowed the event to spread. Dara Walker, an athletic training student, said this was her third time at the event, and it was even greater than before.

“It’s way bigger, there’s way bigger turnout,” Walker said. “Actually, I told all my friends to come.”

One of Walker’s friends, Reatta Smith, said the festival was a new experience for her. “It’s different,” Smith said. “I didn’t come last year, so this year this is a lot, this is a lot going on!”

Helen Murillo, a UNC Charlotte Sophomore, said she learned about the event after being informed by a CAB member in her chemistry class. She brought her children and boyfriend along and said they loved it.

“Oh my gosh it was fun,” Murillo said. “And just being able to bring the kids out, it’s more of like a family event versus just adults.”

Senior students Amber Monroe and Mariah Andrews enjoyed the event for the first time. Andrews brought Monroe after friends told her about it. Both students said they liked the environment. Monroe encourages more people to come, but cautions safety when powder bombing.

“It got in my eye a little bit, it did,” Monroe said. “Wear Shades!”

CAB graduate assistant Allie Mills, said the event doubled to around 800 people. Although it’s her first Holi Moli, she’s happy that students liked it.

“I’m happy if they’re happy, and they seem happy,” Mills said.

CAB Vice President, Tikayla Downing said this year’s Holi Moli’s went well, and was glad to have so many people come. She said the event allows students to dive into another culture, and is something they look forward to.

“Every year our phone is blowing up with people with questions, ‘what do they need to do? Do they need to bring their own powder?’” Downing said. “But we provide everything they need, they just need to come out and bring some clothes if they don’t mind getting a little dirty.”