For a long time, the “8 x 8” rule was the standard for the amount of water we should be drinking daily. This rule, enforced by doctors around the nation, claims that Americans should drink eight glasses of eight ounces of water a day. While this rule is easy to remember for children and adults alike, it may not be the best advice to take.

According to the American Institute of Medicine, water consumption depends on sex and body composition.

They encourage men to consume at least 104 ounces of water a day and for females, the standard is 72 ounces a day. Keep in mind that these are just basic numbers. A larger person will require more water than a smaller person and an athlete will require water than someone who is mostly sedentary.

With all this being said, getting enough water in your body on a daily basis can still pose as a challenge.

Live Strong reveals that “the average daily amount of total water Americans consume is about 3.18 liters, or 13.4 cups, but 48 percent of that comes from beverages other than plain drinking water.”

The convenience of soda machines, coffee shops and packaged juice could be responsible for our lack of plain water consumption, as well as other problems such as obesity, diabetes, and sleeping problems.

If you want to clear your skin, slim your waistline, eat less and enjoy the other benefits of an increased water intake, then follow these four tips on how to drink more water.

Fruit Infusion

One of the biggest complaints of those who are avid soda or juice drinkers is the taste of water is too plain.

A way to spice up your water is to try fruit infusion. Before going to bed, slice up some of your favorite fruits and herbs, and add to a water bottle or pitcher. Then fill the rest of the bottle with fresh water.

In the morning you will have a slightly sweeten, flavorful drink that will hydrate your body and keep you reaching for your water bottle.

water bottle
Photo by Quan Siler


Gallon Jug Method

Sometimes, in order to be reminded how much water you should be drinking, you need to physically see it.

One way to be conscious of your intake is to carry a gallon water jug with you all day. Since there are 128 ounces in a gallon, this is a good measurement to go by. A gallon jug is more noticeable than a typical water bottle, therefore it should be a constant reminded to keep drinking throughout the day.

Set a routine

It is scientifically proven that creating a routine will help you reach a goal faster. Apply this to your water intake.

An easy routine to follow is having an eight ounce glass of water upon waking up and before going to bed. Making drinking water part of your already established morning and night routines will make it easier to remember.

Also try to drink eight ounces of water before a meal, then an additional eight ounces during the meal. Not only will your water intake begin to rise, you will feel fuller much faster, which will cut down on overeating.

Use an app

There is an app for everything these days, including drinking water.

Water Your Body, Water Logged and Daily Water are just three of many apps that track your water intake, send hourly reminders to drink and even alert you of nearby water fountains.

There are also electronic water bottles that have their own tracking systems built right in. Hydra Coach bottle will cost you about $22 but you will never have to worry about forgetting to sip again.

While getting enough water may seem tough, there are many ways to get your proper amount of water.