Photos by Ben Coon.

The Siemens Large Manufacturing Solutions Lab was recently dedicated. The lab is located in the Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) at UNC Charlotte. The lab was built using money from a large donation from the Siemens Corporation and serves as a research center to engineer solutions for issues in large-scale product manufacturing.

The Siemens Corporation manufactures large components such as steam turbines and gasoline engines. These are very large systems and only ten of these are manufactured by Siemens each year. Siemens chose UNC Charlotte for the construction of this lab because of their desires to fund the manufacturing of energy creating components and because of the research capabilities of EPIC. Charlotte also stands as Siemens’ base of operation for all North Carolina manufacturing.

John Ziegert, UNC Charlotte professor and director of the Siemens lab, is glad for the opportunities graduate students will have with the lab, as it “gives students the opportunity to participate in real world industry problems.” Siemens is currently supporting three different joint research projects with UNC Charlotte graduate students.

In addition to research solutions, the Siemens Corporation hopes to train and recruit UNC Charlotte engineering students using the Siemens Large Manufacturing Solutions Lab. “Every partner of the [engineering department] is focused on recruiting high quality students,” said Ziegert.

The lab was funded by the Siemens Corporation by a challenge funding program, in which they agreed to match amounts given by other donors. Siemens donated $2 million for the construction of the lab. Hexagon Metrology was also a major donor of the lab. They provided a Leitz PMM-F, a machine that measures specifications accuracy.

University officials and Siemens executives are looking forward to the opportunities that the lab and its research will provide for UNC Charlotte, its students and faculty and for the Charlotte community.