After a long wait and a build-up of anticipation, South Village Crossing is finally open.

One of the primary features of South Village Crossing is the new dining hall (being nicknamed “SoVi”) that will serve to retire RDH after its many years of feeding students. SoVi opened Jan. 6 as students began to return from the winter holidays.

SoVi is based on a design concept similar to Crown Commons in which cooking areas are exposed so students can see the work that takes place behind the stove. SoVi also resembles Crown in that there are multiple food stations and there is an open dining layout.

However, SoVi has a good deal more square footage than Crown Commons, with new and revamped food station options.

Students can choose from a pizza/pasta station, salad station, Euro station, Japanese grill station and a specialized dessert counter, among other options.

The salad station in SoVi has an open grill for chefs to cook made-to-order meats for salads. The Euro station serves specially-crafted European -inspired foods such as Swedish meatballs, with different choices daily.

The size of the plates at SoVi are smaller than those at Crown Commons. By using smaller plates, it will be easier for students to control overeating because they can visually see healthy portion sizes. Smaller plates also help reduce the amount of food waste.

Freshman Josh Stowe enjoys his short walk to SoVi from Hunt Hall as well as its dining options.

“It’s definitely not the same [as Crown Commons]. The food at Crown seemed more like traditional cafeteria food; the food here is more like something you could get at a restaurant,” said Stowe. “The Den is nice too… it adds that extra variety. So you can get pretty much whatever you want here.”

The Den is a diner spinoff of Denny’s, offering the usual diner options like burgers and sandwiches. The Den is upon until 2 a.m. on most nights and is sure to create a more convenient dining experience for students. SoVi2go and SoVi Market + Bakery are additional dining options with ready-to-eat foods such as soups, salads, sandwiches and baked goods.

The upper floor of South Village Crossing boasts a large lounge area where students can relax with friends or study, complete with indoor and outdoor seating. The large space has TVs and two fireplaces. There are also study rooms available for use.