Recently, I decided to embark on a meat-free diet and lifestyle.

Both in the literal and figurative sense, quitting meat cold turkey is not advised.

Just like kicking smoking or drinking, a sudden stop of any habit may seem okay for a short period of time, but usually leads to relapse later down the road.  A study by the Humane Research Council revealed that 84 percent of people who identify themselves as vegetarians revert back to their meat-eating ways. This startling number could be attributed to the herbivores that stop eating meat overnight.

The key is to gradually deduct meat from your diet.

Add in more veggies to your diet as you gradually cut out meat. Photo by Quan Siler
Add in more veggies to your diet as you gradually cut out meat. Photo by Quan Siler

For a carnivore that eats some type of meat every meal, try a week in which you only eat meat with one meal a day. With just this simple adjustment, you will notice many differences in your body. You may feel less sluggish after eating and more energy in general.

You also have begun your journey to becoming a loyal vegetarian.

When you feel comfortable, try a month in which you only eat meat one time a week.

Now this will be more of a challenge, however it should be attainable since you have become accustomed to eating meatless meals during the initial few weeks of your journey. You can save your designated meal for Sunday brunch with the family, wing night with your co-workers or any other special day for you.

At this point, you may see that your skin is becoming less oily and that your digestive system is becoming more regular.

Finally, when you are ready, omit meat completely. If this stage seems too tough, opt for meat only one to two times a month before ceasing entirely.

Just a month eating a vegetarian diet can yield surprising weight loss and even better sleep.

So you can see, achieving any type of goal requires a slow and steady attitude, especially when it comes to changing your diet. However, a year, five years, and even a decade from now, you will appreciate that your steady journey to vegetarianism.