The “Finer Niners” a Cappella group recently became an organization at UNC Charlotte in August, 2014. They are a competitive singing group. President and founder, Carrie Nowell created the group in fall 2013, when she first arrived at UNC Charlotte. Nowell has a background in a Cappella singing and wanted to create a true a Cappella group on campus.

“Every other UNC school has an a Cappella group…I just feel like its necessary to have one.” Nowell said. Nowell thinks it’s important to grow the 49er community and said it’s important to “[give] your school something you’re proud of, that they will love.”

The Finer Niners sing mostly contemporary pop from within the last ten years. Recently, the Finer Niners decided to become a competitive group. This decision came with the downsizing of the group and the creation of the Pitch Axes, another a Cappella group that is non competitive.

The Pitch Axes are a group for students who are looking for a fun, non-competitive singing group to participate in on campus. There is no set date for auditions yet, but they should occur around the beginning of next semester.

The Finer Niners wanted to downsize to focus more intentionally on strengthening their singers’ abilities. They are hoping to begin competing in competitions, possibly as early as next semester. They will also be opening for the group a Cappella group “Six Appeal” at a concert next semester that is being sponsored by the Campus Activities Board (CAB).

Students who are interested in auditioning for the Finer Niners should be sure to catch them at the spring student org showcase. They can also be followed on their facebook page, The Finer Niners. Club president Carrie Nowell can be contacted at For more information on joining the Pitch Axes, contact Elora Dash at