As a 21-year-old college student my mind is always set on the on-set of a very imminent quarter-life crisis. The quote “What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable” said by John Green, runs through my mind daily and a fear rises inside my soul that I will die unremarkable.

We are given so much time, so many resources and such incredible opportunities to mean something to the people in this world, but how often do we just let them pass by? Too often, if you ask me. Too often we leave a situation unchanged; a situation that needed only what you, as a unique person, could have brought to change for the better a complete community.

Why are so many lives seen as unremarkable, when those lives were the reason that someone else had slept better that night? What is more important to this world? How we are perceived or the lives we helped better?

Before I came to UNC Charlotte, the fear of my life being unremarkable used to paralyze me. I would wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night, wide-awake, and image being forgotten. Just before I came over to America, I realized that is not what the fear is trying to lead me to.

This fear is not to suppress us or to paralyze us. It also not utilized to drive us to being unforgettable. It should drive us to making our lives remarkable for others. Our kindness and our outstretched hands should be so remarkable to others that they are moved, in turn, to do the same. Our goal with our lives should be to be remarkable to others; not to the world.

UNC Charlotte has been the home in which my soul prepared and braced itself for what it wants my body to do. My dreams have only grown in size and quantity, and with my whole being behind these dreams, I realize that my fear is now my hope.

The hope that rises inside my soul, even as I am writing, is that my life may be used by the universe that created it, to better even just the smallest part. We are the universe in ecstatic motion. Motion that drives, builds, helps, cares and loves. We should just let it happen to us.

When people see the effects of what we deem our biggest, most impossible dreams, they too will be rallied to follow theirs. The world will heal as each of us realize our potential.

My hope, now rebuilt, is what will drive me when people tell me I cannot do what I want to. My hope is what will take me there. My hope is what will make this article fantastic in a few years’ time.

This is my last article for UNC Charlotte and with it I want to inspire you to follow your dreams. What keeps the light in your eyes glowing? What makes you move to the edge of your seat when you talk about it? What makes your heart leap when you see or hear it?

People who have realized their dreams should not scare us off. Instead these people should motivate us to achieve everything we ever wanted to. We are beings that thrive on others’ encouragement and love. Take the actions of the people you admire, breathe them in and let them fuel you while you run after your dreams.

I am ready to run after mine. I am going back to the place which I once deemed unfavourable for them to grow. I now know that that is exactly where I should start. I have this idea that as soon as we, take on our dreams to help the world; as soon as we work off of those before us; as soon as we inspire those after us, we will change the world. That is how we will make our lives remarkable, it will always be about the people we are with.