Members of the UNC Charlotte Student Government Association (SGA) met for their final Student Senate legislative meeting of the 51st session Nov. 20. This marks the last time that senate will meet for the semester.

John C. Smith University (JSU) SGA trip canceled

Earlier this semester, senators from JSU’s SGA made the trip to UNC Charlotte to observe UNC Charlotte’s legislative meeting. This was part of a merger of the two SGA’s that would foster many collaborative efforts between them. UNC Charlotte senators were supposed to travel to JSU, but the trip was canceled due to senators not being able to participate. The trip has been rescheduled for next semester.

New student organization

The Math Club is a new organization that forms a community for those interested in math. The club helps to inform students about the major and career tracks. It also offers help to students who are struggling in the subject.

Student Ticket Allocation Act

Student ticketing for football games has been an issue throughout the semester. UNC Charlotte must fill 15,000 in order to meet Conference USA attendance requirements. To meet this amount, SGA has passed the Student Ticket Allocation Act.

SGA made revisions to that act stating that reserved seats for students are to be cut to 4,000 from the original 7,500 starting in the 2015 season. 48 hours before game day, any unclaimed tickets will be available to the general public for purchase. However, students will still be able to their tickets during this period.

There will also be a penalty system in place for students who fail to redeem their tickets. On the first offense, students will not be able to claim a ticket for the next home game. If students fail to redeem a ticket for the second time in the same sport, they will not be able to claim a ticket for the rest of the season.

Financial Procedures Act (FPA) Revisions

Due to budget constraints, SGA has had to make revisions to the FPA. Each year, SGA is allotted $200,000 to spend for campus events and organizations and they has already spent half of this amount. In order to make sure that they have enough funding for the rest of the spring 2015 semester, SGA has made revisions to the FPA.

SGA has restricted travel grants to only official conferences and ceremonies for student organizations. These changes will not fund group retreats and other unofficial travel requests. Instead, SGA has ruled that group fees should fund these retreats. This is the third revision to the FPA this year and these changes are intended to be long term.

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