Online tests are a developing practice at UNC Charlotte that erupted due to recent technological advancements and policies. Many classes utilize online tests instead of using class time to take paper tests.

Most students do not know the policies when taking an online test when it comes to using notes, taking the test with multiple people and so on. Also, technological difficulties can result in failing an exam, making online tests more risky for students.

According to the UNCC Code of Academic Integrity, cheating is defined as, “Intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, notes, study aids or other devices in any academic exercise. This definition includes unauthorized communication of information during an academic exercise.”

Many students actually do not know if using notes on online tests or assignments is considered cheating, though. Some professors do not make it clear if online tests are meant to be taken as a real exam or rather an open-note exam.

Every professor needs to be straightforward when giving an exam online because students cannot be expected to understand the expectations of the exam without clear direction.

Students are taught to use their available resources, and they simply do not want to fail. If professors do not make their rules clear about online testing, students will continue to use outside resources to take exams.

The use of outside resources on tests leads to students not learning as much in their classes. There’s no need to study as much, so students don’t do it. After all, would you rather study for an in class math exam or a science exam that you can use your notes on?

Also, online exams are sometimes affected by technological difficulties. My computer crashed in the middle of a test before; luckily, I was able to remember what I had answered for most of the questions. Online tests are unfair due to these problems, though.

Some professors are unsympathetic towards Internet or technological problems when it comes to assignments and exams submitted online. Because of this, I think online tests should not be utilized as much. In class tests help you learn more of the information, and you won’t have to deal with technological difficulties during the actual exam.