People look forward to Black Friday every year. It’s a day where people chase enticing deals and get their holiday shopping done.

The appeal of Black Friday makes sense, but the day has continuously moved closer and closer to Thanksgiving Day. This year, many stores are opening around 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving evening, if not earlier.

To a lot of people, this is no big deal. It’s after many people’s Thanksgiving meal, and it is fun for some people to go out and shop with their family after they have eaten.

Thanksgiving should not be about shopping though; it should be about what you are already thankful for.

Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service
Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service

The entire meaning of Thanksgiving is to spend time with your family, celebrate and give thanks for the things that you have in life. Shopping on Thanksgiving ruins the entire idea behind the holiday.

The Pilgrims began the holiday as a way to show for a successful harvest season back in 1621. They were thankful for the meager supplies they had in their time of need, both what they had grown and what the Native Americans in the area had given them. The holiday should stay in line with its simple beginnings, rather than being spent finding the best deal on a TV.

Why can’t we wait until a holiday has passed before moving on to the next one? Can’t we hold out on our holiday shopping until the day after Thanksgiving?

Many people forget that when they go out shopping on Thanksgiving, many people have to be there to work. Retail sales associates, managers and so on are forced to be away from their families on a holiday because their job requires them come in on Thanksgiving to prepare for the early Black Friday shopping.

This sounds unfair, but the only way it will stop is if people stop supporting Black Friday intruding on Thanksgiving Day.

It might sound corny, but Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and connect with family. It should not be spent in the store, searching for gifts. Our holidays have different reasons for celebration, so let’s keep them separate.