As the leaves begin to change and weather becomes colder, we are starting to wear more layers.

With more layers, we are spending more money in order to dress for the season. As college students, along with our GPAs, our bank accounts get smaller as the semester goes on.

I have discovered some secrets that can help out not only your budget, but your look for this fall season.

My closet consists of thrift store finds, do-it-yourself’s and clearance items only; I no longer believe in paying full price for anything.

Denim shirts

Photo by Jessica Hubbard
Photo by Jessica Hubbard

Everyone can notice that denim shirts are coming back in style, and I, like others, have a couple. This particular shirt I was able to find for only $10 in the clearance department.

Denim shirts are perfect because you could pair them with a bright tank top and black pants, like I did, or where them with colored pants and some jewelry.

They are also great to pair with a scarf to stay warm as the weather begins to turn cold.

T-shirt dress with leather jacket

Photo by Jessica Hubbard
Photo by Jessica Hubbard

This fitted navy blue dress was originally a man’s long sleeve t-shirt that I was able to find on clearance for only $9.

I bought a XXL t-shirt in order for it to fit me and length, and pulled the neck-line down over my arms so it hangs as a strapless dress.

I then tied the two sleeves behind my back in order to give the dress shape.

Pair this cheap find with a cute leather jacket and some boots, and you have a perfect casual fall outfit.

Colored shirt with jean jacket

Photo by Jessica Hubbard
Photo by Jessica Hubbard

This multi-colored tank-top was found at a local consignment shop for only $4. The best part about this find, is I am able to wear it year-round.

I grabbed my jean jacket, that I was able to find for only $20 at an outlet store, and paired the two with some black jeans that are already in my closet. Pair this shirt with a blazer and black slacks and you have perfect business attire.


Photo by Jessica Hubbard
Photo by Jessica Hubbard

This is one of my favorites in my collection.

I found this navy skirt with embellishments throughout at a small boutique in Florida. The skirt was only $6, and I have been able to wear it for every occasion.

Pair this easy-to-put-on piece with some heels for a dressy looks, or slip on some boots to give it a more casual feel. Either way you want to wear it, a casual skirt is a must-have in your closet.