One of many donation tables for Shave a SigEp on campus. Photo by: Claire Dodd

The chapter has grown, the enthusiasm has risen, and the “Jack”-O-Lanterns have been carved. On Friday, Oct. 24, Sigma Phi Epsilon is wrapping up the month with their second-ever Shave a SigEp event in the Belk Gym courtyard.

Last August, SigEp brother, Jack Bretz was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Once the fraternity heard, they immediately set up ways to donate money for the American Cancer Society as well as Bretz’s family, which included Shave a Sigep.

Bretz was out for one whole year for recovery time.

“When I came back to school, I started with a lighter class load so I could get back into the swing of things,” said Bretz. “I’m getting back in touch with everyone here, going to events, inserting myself back into the group because I’ve been gone for a while.”

Bretz is taking three courses this semester.

When talking about his friends, he mentioned that they, “really went above and beyond with the support and being understanding about it. I just feel like I’m one of the gang.”

SigEp brother, Ben Coy is the coordinator for all events surrounding JACKtober. Along with this, he has kept the daily total on all of the donations SigEp has received, “which is now at over $2600,” according to Coy.

The fraternity has welcomed about 30 new brothers this semester which adds more hands to help for the month.

“This year we really want to make it bigger than before,” said SigEp brother, Ian Petrere. “Last year it was more of just the pumpkin carving and Shave a SigEp. This year we actually spread it out over the course of a month to give us more time to promote and then come up with new things to do like the promotion with Domino’s and the PILOT events.”

Petrere also added that the new member class this fall has, “hit the ground running. They’ve jumped in, hands on, and they’ve been super excited about the events. We need as much help as we can get so having a positive attitude from the new members is great,” added Petrere.

This event has not only grown for the fraternity, but also for the campus community. “We have a lot more people excited to actually do the shaving, to attend the event and watch. It should be interesting,” said Petrere.

“I really want to be a legacy, [help create] something we can do every year and make into something we can grow,” said Bretz. “Last year we sort of winged it but this year we’re learning how to station everything, how to table, how to schedule when and where we table. There’s a lot of strategy.”

If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society of Charlotte and/or the Levine’s Childrens Hospital in the name of Jack Bretz, visit

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