​Members of the Student Government Association (SGA) met for the 51st legislative meeting Oct. 2.

Belk Gym Renovations
​Associate Vice Chancellor Student Union, Activities and Recreation Jim Hoppa, attended SGA to address the senate regarding Belk Gym, which is currently under construction. Belk Gym will add roughly 16,000 square ft. of fitness space once it is fully renovated in 2015. The gym, located inside of the James H. Barnhardt Student Activity Center, will also receive and upgrade once Belk is done so that students now have two up to date areas for recreational fitness.

Teacher Discussion Panel for Business Majors
​Business majors might see a discussion panel be implemented for them in the near future. The goal of this panel will be to assist students in the major and will consist of five guest speakers. This panel will be a test run and if it is successful, it will spread to other colleges as well.

UNC Charlotte SGA Merger
​During the middle of October, members of the Johnson C. Smith University SGA will sit in on one of UNC Charlottes Student Senate legislative meetings. SGA members from UNC Charlotte will do the same. There are no confirmed dates for this at the moment, but will happen within the coming months.

Disc Golf Course Proposal
​There is currently a proposal within the Students Affairs Committee to begin construction of a disc golf course at UNC Charlotte. The proposal is currently awaiting approval.

Kappa Delta Sorority
​The Kappa Delta Sorority at UNC Charlotte will not be receiving funding for the rest of the fiscal year due to controversy over an event held the week of Sept. 27. The SGA came to the conclusion that Kappa Delta had purposefully given misleading information so that they could receive funding for balloons and a ball pit that was to go outside of the Student Union. There were several infractions made by Kappa Delta and the SGA was forced to take disciplinary action. This is the first time in several years that a punishment such as this has been given.

New Student Organizations
​Charlotte Lifters is a new student organization aimed at helping students with a passion for body building or students that simply want to stay in shape. Help Me, Help You (HMHY) is a new organization dedicated to assisting incoming freshman and sophomores with the difficult transition of college life. HMHY’s goal is to assist these new students in any way possible and to give them any advice they might need.

Nick Cropper is the News Editor for the Niner Times. Currently, he is a senior pursuing a major in PR and a minor in journalism. Although he has lived in Charlotte for close to four years now, he is originally from Maryland. Contact him at news@ninertimes.com for questions or if you want to pitch a potential story.