Kalin and Myles (Photo courtesy of artist’s official Facebook page)

Kalin and Myles are the newest dynamic duo to hit the music scene. With an almost overnight rise to fame, they have not only captured the hearts of many, many girls but also revealed their incredible talent. With their families and friends by their side, to keep them grounded and focussed, they are reaching for the stars.

They met “six or seven” (neither one can remember) years ago through a mutual friend with whom they usually went to the same parties with. At one of these parties Myles, who had created his own studio in his room, invited Kalin over to record a song and that same weekend they released the song. It was met with an incredibly positive review and the rest, as they say, is history.

On tour right now through the United States, the Chase Dreams tour is coming to Charlotte, N.C. on Oct. 28 and one can already feel the buzz as hundreds of fangirls are gearing up.

In a telephone interview, Kalin and Myles opened up about their friendship, their mutual love for food, music and a little incident with a bra.

Corlene Beukes: Thank you for making time for us in your hectic schedules. With your Chase Dreams tour and the Crazy for Christmas concerts coming up in December, you must be swamped! How do you feel the experience of virtually rocketing to fame has impacted your lives?

Kalin and Myles: Thank you for meeting with us! It has definitely impacted our lives but right now our main thing is to just stay focussed.

CB: That is very important and a trait that has been depicted in your work from the beginning. And I believe that that is why you are so successful. Your collaborations, which have also been very successful, for instance Keep Up with Amber Lily. Are there any other artists that you would want to work with on a song?

KAM: I think there is definitely a couple out there. We would definitely like to get a song with Chris Brown, who is a big inspiration.

CB: Chris Brown is a very big inspiration in your life, Kalin. He has influenced your life and music. What aspects of his career that you admire, would you like to see in your own career one day?

Kalin: His work ethic. The work ethic that he has shown is really cool because he is a dancer; he makes his own choreography; he makes his own music. I think the dude is just really cool all around and to work that hard to be as big as he is, takes a lot of focus and commitment to what he loves. So I think in that regard it will be cool to be something like that.

CB: Myles, one of your tweets read “I wanna fall in love like they do in Disney”. Have you found your Disney princess yet? Do you consider yourself a romantic?

Myles: I definitely do. When I get a moment or if there is someone out there that I am really feeling, I really try to go that extra mile. At the moment, no. I think we are just out here and trying to stay focus on what’s going on now. I don’t want to try and look for somebody. I am just hoping that someday it would just kind of happen.

CB: That is very true and very mature, I think, to kind of just let it happen to you. Kalin as I read some of your tweets I came across a rather interesting tweet concerning a bra. Would you care to elaborate on this incident?

Kalin: Yes, so the day before yesterday (Sept. 28) in Portland, we have a song that’s called Love Robbery and Myles’ verse is “watch out for those eyes ‘cause she’s armed and dangerous like ‘bow’” and on the “’like bow’” a lovley young lady threw that item at me and it hit me in my face. I don’t know I give her props, ‘cause it was perfect timing.

CB: (laughs) Yes, it was incredible timing! So, Myles, most of your songs involve love and knowing a girl can be the one from the first time you see her. Do you really believe in love at first sight?

Myles: I definitely think it’s possible. There are some times I see a girl and we would just be able to hit it off like right off the bat. So I definitely believe it’s possible.

CB: That is really cool. I give you props for that. So just to make things a little more fun, I have some fun fact questions for you. First one, what is your favorite past-time except for music?

Kalin: Basketball

Myles: Fishing

CB: When and how did your first kiss go down?

Kalin: First kiss? I was in the seventh grade. I had a girlfriend and after the first week or something I came out of class and she asked “Hey, how are you doing?” and I replied“Good. Are you on your way…” and before I could finish my sentence she just laid it on me.

Myles: I think my first kiss was in first grade. It was during a game of hide-and-seek. This girl and I were hiding in the same spot and it just happened.

CB: (laughs) What was the first thing you packed for tour?

Kalin: First thing I packed was my X-box.

Myles: The very first thing that I packed for tour was clothes. We cannot be out here naked…

CB: That is very practical! So last fun fact question: what do you look forward to most of the tour? Except the shows, the crazy fans and girls throwing bras at you.

Kalin: I mean, definitely that is a beautiful thing, as well as getting to meet all of them and spending time with them [the fans]. But I would say just the actual bus. This is our first tour with a tour bus and it is awesome, ‘cause if were tired we are able to lay down and get some rest or if we want to stand up and stretch, we can. It’s a beautiful thing.

Myles: I love long road trips and being in the car, so it’s cool being on the road looking outside and seeing different parts of the country.

Kalin and Myles are two incredibly talented and immensely cool guys. They are fun-loving and down-to-earth. All of this flows over into their shows and makes them great. I look forward to an unforgettable night of great music, people and craziness at their show here in Charlotte.

These two cool cats are going to be around for a while, so get ready to hear their names more and more often.



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