If you are like me, you are happy for fall to begin, but a little sad knowing that October means the end of beach trips, barbecues and late-night concerts.

Although there is no turning back now, I might have something that can bring back that sweet summertime smell to your daily life.

Triple Nutrition: Miracle Dry Oil by Garnier Fructis is a personal favorite body oil of mine that not only does its job, but also smells amazing.

The Miracle Dry Oil is designated for your hair, body and face made with three nutritive fruit oils: olive, avocado and shea. This multi-use dry oil delivers fast action nourishment to treat dry hair and skin without oiliness.

Photo by: Jessica Hubbard

One of the best features is that one bottle can last longer than most body oils. Thanks to the oil being a spray bottle, only one spray is required to do the job successfully. The best time to use the spray is after a shower when your hair and body is still damp. This will allow the oil to properly soak into your skin and hair to last throughout the day.

This product is available at any store that sells Garnier Fructis products including Wal-Mart and Walgreens and for a low price of $5.

The Miracle Dry Oil isn’t the only product Garnier Fructis makes that you go pick up. Their Radiance Renewer cleansing face-wash and Soothing Remover Cleansing Towelettes are two more products that are worth using. They both are easy to use and are excellent for your nightly face washes.

Not only does the company provide high-quality products. In 2011 they launched a new line of biodegradable products to promote upcycling.

With over 50 different products, including some for men, Garnier Fructis is a quality brand for all to use as a reasonably low price.