“Where I Belong” by Bobby Bazini (photo courtesy of artist’s official website)

Bobbi Bazini’s debut album, “Where I Belong” pegs his sound as soul-enticing.

The introductory track, “Heavy Love”, leads one down the winding road that envelops the collection in a casual sense, filled with light jams and a toe-tapping chorus that keeps the head nodding. “Cherish Our Love” is a more slowed down track bringing the uplifting beat from the previous track to a slow dance, mellowing the music just a tad along with enabling listeners the ability of having the sounds sink in with the words and mood.

“Cold Cold Heart” provides a bit of funk to add to the mix, with background vocals providing a sort of jerk-angle with the light guitar and beat to carry the track. The carefree feeling returns with “Bubblegum”, mixing in more of the swing-folk sound per the vocals and slight instrumentals, bringing the tone to a more upbeat nature.

The title track, ”Where I Belong”, brings out the best in the set thus far. Bobby’s raspy vocals in connection with the slowed again track gives the listener an image of a younger Joe Cocker. Looping back with the flow of how the tracks are placed, “Ain’t No Love In The Heat of The City” tones down the mood again, bringing up the guitar for a more jazzy feel. The back-up vocals do start to overshadow Bobby a bit here, which could either be a bit much or serve to resonate with him.

“I’m Going to Be Your Man” continues the slow crawl with a more upbeat set of lyrics, though pulling a bit more of a melancholy vibe. “Take Me Home” starts back up in the direction of a country-folk tune, giving more to the acoustic guitar in carrying the music and providing a nice relaxed feel.

Starting up with the tambourine in the next track, “Down On My Knees” brings a delightfully deviant funk to the album. A faster beat adds more life into the song to pair with the tone of the song. “Worried Again” hands carrying duties back to the acoustic guitar, providing more of a spotlight at first to that particular instrument. It’s a good pairing with the last track per the faster beat, linking them in rhythm.

The second to last track “There Ain’t No Words” Brings the tone back down as the CD starts to close out. The emotion laid barer here to give the spotlight to the vocals and guitar. Lastly on the CD, “Wish You Were Here”, keeps it slow to round of the collection of tracks for a more thoughtful moment. The longest track is also the most enjoyable with the relaxing vibe given and the gentle sound to caress one into a delightful mood.

Overall, Bobby Banizi’s “Where I Belong” definitely captures the slow folk soul very accurately at times speeding up to a more upbeat pick-me-up while slowing down for the more emotional an dramatic outpourings. The last track brings both feelings to a head in a genuinely enjoyable mix, becoming more haunting with the closeout of the CD. If you’re hitting the dusty road at any point or want to place your mind in that setting which laying at home, Bobby brings out a truly restless vibe that exists in us all.

Look for “Where I Belong” on iTunes as well as on Spotify to gets a piece of this collection as well as the many other tones he’s bringing to the stage in his fall Tour. Bobby Banizi plays his heart at The Evening Muse at 7 p.m. , come out and see where the road will take you in his imaginative travels.