Let’s be honest with each other, we all have a little obsession with Nutella. The taste of heaven has been given to humankind and it is our obligation to enjoy that to its utmost. So today’s drink is in honor of this miraculous yumminess.

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Try a nutella milkshake for a chocolatey way to cool yourself off on the last hot days of summer. Photo by Michelle Carpenter


2-3 tbs of Nutella


Ice (just as much as you would like)

2 types of fruit (I use for bananas and strawberries)

Cinnamon powdered sugar or cocoa powder

Whipped cream



Carefully pour the milk into a blender.

Then add in two to three tablespoons of Nutella into the blender with the milk. Add one more tablespoon of Nutella if you want your milkshake to be sweet and put in one less tablespoon of Nutella if you enjoy it bittersweet.

After you have added the milk and Nutella, put in two types of fruit. If you prefer a different type of flavor, you could add in whipped cream, powdered sugar, powdered chocolate or chocolate. For a variety of flavors, add all of the above into the blender.

If desired, add as much ice as you want for a chilly cold milkshake.

Blend the ingredients together until well blended. Although it may take a little longer, make sure your blender is turned onto the middle button for a fresher, thinner milkshake. Be sure not to blend the ingredients for too long.

Carefully pour your milkshake into a mug. Once in the mug, add more whipped cream or ice cream, cinnamon or powdered sugar and chocolate if additional detailed flavors are desired.

Garnish as desired and serve.