Recently Apple announced details about the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch that they plan to release sometime in early 2015.

The Apple Watch is the company’s first wearable gadget. It has a square screen that displays the time, updates from Facebook and Siri and more. The Apple Watch seems convenient, but the main purpose of the new addition to Apple’s products is to decrease the amount of times people take their phone out of their pocket.

I am completely for convenience, and I think the Apple Watch is a unique concept. The idea, though, that we are such a lazy society we cannot even pull our cellphone from our pocket without complaining is ridiculous.

The average iPhone weighs about one-fourth of a pound. To think that our society has become so inactive that we find it difficult to lift a cellphone from our pocket blows my mind.

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the Apple Watch at the company's media event on Sept. 9. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus
Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the Apple Watch at the company’s media event on Sept. 9. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

When people wonder why obesity has become such an issue in first world countries, usually all the fingers point towards fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, but honestly it is due to the laziness of our time. If people cannot even take a phone out of their pocket, how can we expect them to exercise and stay fit? Laziness is the real issue in first world countries.

The watch will start at $350. To spend that much money on a watch that contains the same features as your cellphone seems insane to me, but I guarantee sales will skyrocket when it’s released. People will jump at the chance to have a more convenient way to be involved with their technology.

There are a ton of more important issues in the world that need to be fixed, though. People should donate their $350 to those causes instead of feeding their inability to do any type of work – if you even consider taking your phone out of your pocket work, because I certainly don’t.

I definitely think that the advancement of technology is essential and can make life more efficient. But people should not waste their money on little unnecessary comforts, when there are tons of people living off nothing everywhere.

People should spend their money more wisely. First world countries need to gain more of a perspective and learn to do things for themselves. Lifting one’s phone out of their pocket should not be as big of a problem as it is.

The Apple Watch is an interesting idea, but I think it is a bit of a waste of people’s time and money. There are better things we can spend our money on.