UNC Charlotte’s Office of Academic Affair’s newest program, Graduation Initiative, aims to help Undergraduate students’ graduate on time.

Graduation Initiative focuses on advising with a longer horizon than semester by semester and better tools for advisors and faculty to provide guidance to students.

At UNC Charlotte, many students change their majors, or start without an understanding of what their majors have to offer. Graduation Initiative aims to help students graduate in a timely manner and helps them get to the right major as efficiently as possible.

Graduation Initiative believes that after four semesters, students need to have a plan for completion.

Joan Lorden, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs says “As UNC Charlotte has grown, adding students, faculty and programs, the complexity of the institution has made tracking student progress and curricular change more challenging. We need to take advantage of new tools that can provide students, faculty and advisors accurate and timely information. The longer students spend in college, the more it costs and the less likely it is that they will complete degrees. We want to help students complete their degrees by providing the right support and by reducing internal barriers.”

This initiative will help students reduce their ‘attempted earned hours’ ratio and help increase the rate of four and six year graduation for students.

Along with helping students graduate, the initiative also provides additional tools.

Some of the additional tools include a new tool for creating the catalog and tracking changes to curriculum and a tool that will track benchmarks for progression and show students changing majors what new majors may require of them in terms of additional coursework.

The initiative will also be providing a new tool that creates an early alert to help connect faculty and advisors to support students who may be having difficulty in specific courses.

Graduation Initiative is provided for all students at UNC Charlotte. The Office of Academic Affairs encourages students to add input and comments about the new program.

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