Located at the H&M/food court entrance of Northlake Mall, is a portal from Charlotte to Italy. As you walk into the quaint and impeccably Italian restaurant, you are greeted by a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, as well as friendly staff.

As we sat down, my friend who has travelled a bit, commented that this is a very Italian –all around.

Her words were not even cold, when our very efficient waiter was by our side with the most delicious foccacia bread. He was friendly, professional, and enthusiastic. Our menus were placed with care and I was certain that this would be a good experience.

As our drink order came, not even 2 minutes after it was placed, we ordered our food. I ordered the chicken and pesto spaghettini.

chicken-pesto bravo
Chicken and seato spaghettini Photo by: Corlene Beukes

During our brief waiting period, the table was well tended. I could also see that the rest of the customers were happy and cared for. With their laughter and lazy Saturday conversation in the background I could imagine myself at a café in Rome.

Our food came and it looked delicious. Looks did not deceive. The pasta and chicken was incredibly well-cooked. The right amount of sauce, spinach and baby tomatoes were present. It was a really good portioned plate of pasta as well. I was happy and a very satisfied customer.

As the ever-vigilant ninja waiter clear our table and brought our free drinks refills, it was the dessert menu’s turn on the table.

We placed an order for the ‘dessert trio’. This entailed three petite desserts that come on one plate, a berry cheesecake, vanilla crème brûlée and chocolate truffle. It was heaven on earth. Rich, well prepared and decadently delicious. My favorite was the Chocolate Truffle; my friend’s favorite was the Crème Brûlée.

dessert trio bravo
Dessert trio Photo by: Corlene Beukes

The time for the bill arrived and I was pleasantly surprised. My whole meal, including the pasta, drink and dessert, was all under $30.

So for a reasonably priced, exquisitely staffed and very relaxed restaurant for your next date, I would definitely suggest Bravo! Cucina Italiana.


6851 Northlake Mall Dr.,

Charlotte, NC 28216

Contact Detail: 704-597-1455


  • Mon-Thu: 11am-10pm
  • Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm
  • Sun: 11am-9pm