Charlotte artist, Paul Keysar shows us Queen City nightlife.

Keysar’s “While The City Sleeps” features night paintings of urban and country Charlotte.

“The things that don’t seem interesting during the day when you get a different light on them at night, they become interesting,” says Keysar.

Moonlight, artificial light and a combination of the two bring life to old factories and buildings throughout the city.

Keysar embraces the summer days of his youth and the grief of working the nightshift as an adult, sharing those experiences through the plush feel of oil paintings.

“ ‘Nightshift’ is a two part painting partially about misery. It’s also an ode to the blue-collar man. The men and women who keep this country going while we’re sleeping,” says Keysar.

“While the City Sleeps” will be on display in the Student Union Gallery until July 24.

“I hope it stirs up some emotion or heartens back to a good time in your life,” says Keysar.

More of Keysar’s work can be found at and ClearWater Artist Studios in Concord, NC.

Photos by Leanna Pough

Leanna is the current A&E editor for the Niner Times. She is in her senior year at UNC Charlotte pursuing a bachelors in Communication Studies and Journalism minor. Her interests include; diy work, classic films and gangster movies. Contact her at