The following reflects arrests, calls for service and incidents responded to by the UNC Charlotte campus Police and Public Safety Department. Incident dates run from Wednesday, May 6, through Tuesday, May 13.

For more information on Mecklenburg County arrests, visit  the Mecklenburg County Arrest Inquiry.

Wednesday, May 6

– University Road, unknown subject removed property without permission.
– Barnhardt Lane, previously trespassed suspect found on campus.

Thursday, May 7
Drug Violation
– University Road, subject was in possession of non-prescription drugs.
Hit and Run
– Union Deck, subject reported that his vehicle was damaged while parked and unattended.

 Friday, May 8
– Van Landingham Road, driver struck another driver.
– Union Deck, driver of vehicle collided with another vehicle.
– Mary Alexander Road, while attempting to back into a parking space, vehicle one struck vehicle two.
Call for Service
– Cameron Blvd., unknown subject pulled the fire alarm.
– University Road, unknown subject removed property that was left unattended and unsecured.
– University Road, subject reported damage to the rack located on the top of her vehicle.

Monday, May 12
– Mary Alexander Road, subject was arrested for an outstanding warrant.
– Library Lane, previously trespassed subject found on campus.

Tuesday, May 13
– Mary Alexander Road, unknown subject removed property without permission.

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