We are all in love with the weather, spring is here and with the long walks around campus so is the sweat.

This product will make acne woes a thing of the past. Photo by Michelle Liringis
This product will make acne woes a thing of the past. Photo by Michelle Liringis

With that sweat comes pimples, something no one wants. Acne is something that no matter how may papers you write, or tests you ace, it always comes back to haunt you when you least want it to.

I recently had to go head to head with acne, and finally won. Neutrogena has the astonishing new product All-in 1 Acne Control Facial Treatment, and it works. This product literally treats all the things you want it to treat in one step. All-in-1 treats the horrible scars and spots left by past acne, the acne you currently have that keeps getting in the way of your daily life and the future acne that can make any good day go bad.

How can this be real? This facial treatment contains pure Vitamin A and soy , which allows skin to be smoothed out. The salicylic acid acne-fighting medicine is what takes away the redness of the pimple at sight and reduces the size, as well as the future acne that might want to say hello again.

After using it myself for three days, two of the pimples that I had were gone and one was there but any could barely tell. I kept waiting for my skin to get super dry or itchy, since I have sensitive skin I can’t usually use strong anti- acne products, but to this day my skin is still pimple- free and not itchy or dry. You can get Neutrogena All-in-1 facial cream in any store for about $11 including tax.

As the end of the semester approaches, and finals are looming, do not let school stress you out, resulting in big “oh-no” mirror moments.  I was truly amazed by this product, and best part is that is travel size friendly so you can take with you anywhere.