Students have enjoyed viewing the Sanskrit Exhibition since March 12. Photo by Eden Creamer

The Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine will host their annual exhibition reception Wednesday, April 2, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., in the Student Union Art Gallery.

The reception, which in previous years was hosted on the first day of the exhibition, will this year close out the gallery show. All pieces in the show were featured in the magazine.

“The Sanskrit Gallery Reception is a celebration of artistic talent and a reflection of hard work,” said Athina Hinson, editor-in-chief for the 2014 Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine.

The Union Gallery has hosted the pieces featured in the magazine since March 12. The finished book has not been made available until the gallery exhibition and reception.

“This is also the first time the newest publication of Sanskrit will be available,” said Hinson.

The event is open to the public and is free.

“Students should come to the reception to support their fellow peers in their creative pursuits and to enjoy their awesome creations,” said Hinson.

Eden Creamer was the Editor-in-Chief for the Niner Times from May 2013 through April 2015. She graduated from UNC Charlotte in May 2015, receiving her degree in Communication Studies with minors in English, Journalism and Women's Studies. She now does freelance proofing, copywriting and design in the Charlotte area, and can be reached at