If you color your hair, using color shield conditioner is a must. It allows your color to stay vibrant in between colorings.

Garnier has a line of color shield products that are perfect for any hair type. While many products can make your hair greasy because of the added oils, Garnier’s product leaves your hair feeling healthy.

If you dye your hair frequently, you are familiar with the straw-like state your hair can achieve as a result of a lot of chemicals being applied to your hair. Garnier’s color shield conditioner replenishes the natural oils in your hair that dyes strip out. Your hair will be much healthier after using this product.

Garnier Fructis color shield conditioner will leave your hair shinier and healthier. Photo by Michelle Liringis

I also really like the scent of the Garnier product. A lot of color shield products tend to smell similar to hair dye. I don’t enjoy smelling like a bag of chemicals on a day to day basis. The fruity scent is really nice yet not overpowering.

There is also a color shield shampoo that accompanies the conditioner for added color-lasting technology.

I have found that with short hair, just using the conditioner keeps my color vibrant and shiny so I stick with my normal shampoo. However, if you have longer or thicker hair, using both products together may be beneficial.

Michelle Liringis is the Lifestyle Editor for the 2013-2014 year. She is an English major with a journalism minor and has been working with the Niner Times since her freshman year.