talent show
Pictured above: 1st place winner, Denzel Fleming. Photo by: Sara Carson

An array of 49er talent was showcased Thursday evening at the Campus Activity Board’s (CAB) annual Spring Talent Show.

At 7 p.m. in McKnight Hall, performers took to the stage, showing off their talents which ranged from vocal piano playing and lyrical poem reading to hip-hop and lyrical dance routines.

Aside from sharing their special talents with friends, family and staff, performers had their eyes on a prize. Up for grabs was $300 to the first place winner, $200 for second place and $100 as the third place prize.

The three judges who determined the fate of each performer are individuals who work within different departments of UNC Charlotte. The judges scored each performance based on originality, stage presence, crowd involvement and overall talent.

The judges awarded the third place prize to Pho and Lauren, also known as “PhLo.” The girls, dressed in matching costumes, performed a lyrical dance routine to the song “Brave,” by Sara Bareillies.

Second place was awarded to Khyran Shank, who goes by “Shank.” His performance began with a music video projected onto a large screen over the stage. The video was made by Shank himself, and served as an intro to his rap performance which was done with the help of his female backup dancers.

The grand prize was awarded to Denzel Fleming, also known as “Juszel.” Fleming performed an acapella rap and recited a lyrical poem to a special chosen audience member. The member happened to be Kiara Cokely, who also performed Thursday night, singing “Until the End of Time.”

In regards to his prize, Fleming said, “Honestly I’m gonna save it because I’m a finance major, so I have to keep saving because I’m trying to get a really nice camera so I can work on my other talents as well.”

Fleming started rapping in the third grade. He went on to share one of his first rapping experiences.

“I got in trouble for it in third grade, but hey, it got me here. I was being disruptive, like all the kids was beating on the tables with me, you know rapping with me,” said Fleming.

In between performances, CAB entertained the audience with commentary from Crew Chief, Dontonius Lindsey.

The large audience was able to showcase some of its own talents during the intermission by competing in a “nae nae” dance contest with music from the CAB-provided DJ.

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Sara Carson is the News Editor for the Niner Times and has been working with the newspaper since August 2013. She is a communications major with double minors in journalism and English.