At the end if the day, your face is probably dirty from either make up, sweating or just the oils that accumulate on skin over the course of a normal day. Olay facial cloths will get the job done and leave your face feeling fresher than you have ever imagined.

Each box of facial cloths comes with 33 cloths to last you a little more than a month. Since the cloths are a little large, I cut mine in half to last me twice as long.

Olay daily facial cloths are easy on sensitive skin. They will not irritate, redden or break out skin the way that some other products do.
They are also great for removing eye make up without torturing your eyes.
There are three types of these cloths made for different skin types: normal, sensitive, combination/oily. Each is made with different soaps based on your skin type and what works best for you.
I strongly suggest using these cloths at the end of the day to wash your face.
It leaves my face feeling refreshed and cleansed every day and I am so glad I decided to buy them.
You can get these cloths at Ulta, Walgreens and Target for about $6.
It is definitely worth it so go out and but them as soon as you can.