UNC Charlotte social media accounts have grown exponentially within the past few years. Accounts such as UNCC Confessions, UNCC Problems, UNCC Makeout and UNCC Geese have captured the time and attention of students university-wide.

What started out as an act of boredom for the account creators quickly became a full time occupation as it evolved into a social feeding frenzy.

“It’s kind of gotten more popular than I ever thought it would,” says Noah Meador, account manager for UNCC Problems.

Each account is run differently. Some like UNCC Geese post their own thoughts, while others like UNCC Confessions and UNCC Makeout post thoughts and pictures submitted by the student body. Alternatively, UNCC Problems collaboratively posts its own ideas and submissions from students.

Keeping these accounts available to the masses is not as easy as it may appear. In addition to their own personal accounts, the admins have to keep up with these anonymous accounts. In some cases, this may mean that the admin forfeits some of their free time, but for the president of UNCC Confessions to keep his account up to date, he has added a vice president and a treasurer to his account.

UNCC Confessions is the most widely followed of the different niner social networks. Started in February of 2013, the account currently has nearly 5,000 submissions total and receives anywhere from 200-500 submissions each day.

The main goal as listed on the UNCC Confessions page states, “We help confessors by offering them a network of support through the student body as well as a general form of entertainment for the masses.”

UNCC Confessions is run alongside “Survey Monkey.” Students follow the link to this site provided on the UNCC Confessions page and leave their submissions here. The admins then filter through the posts and relay the appropriate, non-hateful submissions through to the UNCC Confessions page.

The reason behind using “Survey Money” is so the students posting submissions remain anonymous not only to followers of the account, but to the admins as well.

The admins of UNCC Confessions have assigned times which they are responsible for managing the account. Even with three admins on the page, the treasurer (who wishes to remain anonymous) said, “Pretty much all of the members are on there whenever they have free time. When I sit in the library, I normally have a second computer up just for [UNCC] Confessions.”

Even with the help from multiple admins, the treasurer also shared that the account has started to cut into his time set aside for school work. To aid this problem, the admins hope to create a web page that submits confessions automatically.

The incoming funds from this site will go toward the cost of producing UNCC Confessions t-shirts available for purchase. The group also hopes to use the money to create a weekly raffle for followers to win prizes such as gift cards to the campus bookstore.

The team of admins’ latest announcement is the upcoming Halloween Masquerade. The event will take place 10 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2 at Firewater Restaurant and Bar on J.W. Clay Blvd. There is no cover charge and the event is open to anyone 18 and up. Already 200 people have RSVPed to the event.

There is said to be DJ performances, drink specials, costumes and clues that will lead to the reveal of the admins.

The team created the event to carry out their main purpose and for students to have a place to hang out and meet new people.

Aside from being a form of entertainment and an outlet for the students, the account has also helped those in need. The admins created the post #1600 for a student whose house was destroyed in a fire. In response to this, many students reached out and helped their fellow student in her time of crisis.

The admin’s favorite post is #2600, “You are not alone.”

The treasurer commented on the tweet, “It’s kind of just a promotion on our page to all of the people who feel like they are alone to just find help on our page. They can comment a question or something they have and they don’t have to feel embarrassed because it’s anonymous.”

Most other accounts like UNCC Problems are run solely by one admin. This creates a problem for the account after they admins graduate.

“I’m gonna keep the legacy going as long as I can but I’ll definitely need somebody to keep it more updated once I’m off campus,” said creator of UNCC Problems Noah Meador.

Meador is a senior and is looking for someone who will put in the same amount of time and energy as he does, and who wants it badly.

The UNCC Problems account is run quite differently and has a far different purpose than that of UNCC Confessions.

The account was created as a form of entertainment and a way to provide a form of unity among students. Any time a problem occurs on campus, UNCC Problems will tweet it with “#unccproblems” at the end of each post. Students often tweet personal on-campus problems to the account, in which case Meador re-tweets them.

Started back in 2010, UNCC Problems receives about 40-50 contributions each day.

Not all of these submissions have been friendly. In response to a tweet by Meador regarding his loss in the raffle for a ticket to the first inaugural football game, many students tweeted negative things at him. Regarding this, Meador commented, “People started calling me names, saying I don’t have school spirit…and if people tell me I don’t have school pride then they’re mistaken!”

Meador added, “I don’t mind the people getting mad, it just means my account is getting more popular.”

To visit any of the mentioned accounts, visit https://www.facebook.com/ or https://twitter.com/ and enter the account name.

Sara Carson is the News Editor for the Niner Times and has been working with the newspaper since August 2013. She is a communications major with double minors in journalism and English.