Loreal Picture 1
This deep conditioner revitalizes hair and will keep it shiny and healthy despite cold, dry winter weather. Photo by Erin Rehley 

With the winter season quickly approaching, many of us are prematurely preparing ourselves for the wave of dry skin and hair that we may encounter once the weather hits winter lows.

After using the Aussie Three Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner to battle the weather’s drying effects on my hair for years, I figured this year it was time to give a new deep conditioner treatment a try.

I picked up the L’Oreal Total Repair Five Damage Erasing Balm for $6.99 at Target, but other drugstores also carry it for a similar price. It comes in an 8.5 ounce tub container rather that a bottle and has a thicker consistency than a regular conditioner.

This range of hair care contains other products, but this mask claims to reverse a years worth of damage in one use, which definitely caught my attention.

I used the erasing balm the same way I would a hair mask, putting it through my hair, avoiding the roots and leaving it in for about five minutes.

I have used this mask multiple times on my hair over the past few weeks and I definitely notice a difference in my hair after using it. I have really thick hair and this seemed to smooth it out and make it a lot more manageable. I was constantly asking people to feel my hair and after they did, they wanted to know what I had used to make the difference.

My hair wasn’t extremely damaged before using this product, but since the school year started in August, I had been using more heat on my hair than usual to straighten it for classes, and I was beginning to notice dryness throughout.

Overall, I liked this hair mask a lot. It gave my hair more smoothness and shine as well as made it more manageable. At the low price of $6.99 and being readily available at the drugstore, this is definitely something that a college student could try out if they are looking for a new beauty or hair care item.