If someone asked me in the senior year of my high school career what I believed college was for, I am fairly certain of the answer I would have given.

Apart from the politically correct response of education, the betterment of the mind and whatever else any parent might like to hear, I would have included meeting people.

The idea of being thrown into a pool of new and fresh faces with whom one might share moments worthy of remembering is nearly the only aspect of college life that excites.

Why miss out on all of that? Why commit yourself to something that proves itself daily to be far more difficult than you ever expected it to be?

The answer is as old and tired as time itself. Love. I entered a relationship a few days following my graduation, to the dismay of most of my friends.

The idea of becoming someone’s girlfriend when I did was the same as deciding to order the familiar chicken Caesar salad before even being shown the menu.

It did not help our case that the two of us could not be more opposite. To me none of this mattered, because I knew what I wanted and for one of the first time, I let that be enough.

The friends who had my best interest at heart and tried to convince me of what a stupid decision I had made were right about one thing: being in a long distance relationship while in college is well, hard.

The word hard does not do it justice. I have learned that it’s heavy, wearying and even breaking at times.

When you embark on this frustrating endeavor with the right person you are given an opportunity. In these two years of my young adult life, I have been given a view into the deepest parts of my own determination.

After a long day of class and all the other stresses that school brings, a voice on a receiver isn’t the most comforting thing in the world, but it’s something.

I refuse to let something whither away that throughout history was maintained through only letters when I have the miracle of FaceTime at my disposal. It takes work, but don’t the best things in life require the most of us?

The time that I am able to share with him makes weekends and holidays all the more sweeter. I have learned how to love and be loved and that is something that I will never lose.

All that my friends were concerned about me missing out on has not been missed at all; I have been able to have it all.

I have made a life for myself and within myself here at UNC Charlotte without the crutch that a relationship can become all while maintaining a love that enriches my life and has made me a better listener and far more patient.

Some people might believe that being as young as we are it’s far too soon to be committed to just one person. To that I have to say that each of us have our own story that will play out and teach us what we are meant to learn.

My age is of no concern because a love like this is always right on time.


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