CoverGirl’s Flipstick makes switching from day to night a breeze.

Want to be bold, fierce and daring?  Try CoverGirl’s Blast Flipstick Lipcolor. The Blast Flipstick has two lipsticks in one: one end is a matte lip color, and the other end is a shimmer lip color.

With this duo you are able to easily flip from day to night depending on the look you are going for. CoverGirl offers a variety of different duos such as pucker, intense, flashy, glimmer and vixen. You can customize your look with all the available shade combinations.

I personally own pucker, which is a blendable lip duo of two different shades of pink: a soft pink and a bright pink.

I would give this lipstick duo five stars hands down. I am able to put it on once without reapplying it because it lasts all day. It has a smooth feel to it so it doesn’t give that sticky gloss feeling or dry out your lips like other lipsticks. The Blast Flipstick is made affordable at any Walmart, Target or drugstore ranging from $5 to $6 dollars.

Make a statement by adding this lipstick duo to your everyday wardrobe. Dare to be different.