Will Marfori performing at Friday Night Live. Photo by Michael Robinson.

This past Friday, two very unique comedic acts hit the After Hours stage: Will Marfori and Samuel Comroe.

The “Shaking Not Stirred” comedy event, presented by the Campus Activities Board, Niners on the Weekend and the Office of Disability Services, was another installment of the Friday Night Live comedy series here on campus.

Marfori was born with Cerebral Palsy, a disorder that is caused by abnormal development of the motor control center in the brain.

Camroe was born with Tourette’s syndrome.

Both comedians embraced their disabilities and incorporated it into each of their hilarious stand-up routines.

Marfori walked on stage wearing tinted prescription glasses, a black t-shirt and jeans.

He became pretty comfortable with the crowd, jumping from topics involving race, sex, dating, and politics. Many of his jokes poked fun at himself as well.

These kinds of jokes set the tone for the night.

It became apparent to the audience that these comedians were going to embrace their disabilities in their stand-up and not try to avoid the subject whatsoever.

Following Marfori was Camroe who comes on stage with a big grin.

Camroe had the crowd in the palm of his hand with his energetic impressions and ridiculous life situations.

The audience could truly immerse themselves in his ingeniously crude comedic material.

It was evident that the crowd was laughing with him and not at him and this goes for both comedians.

They both performed great stand-up comedy, embracing their disabilities to be an endearing and inspirational aspect of their routines.

NinerNews’ Sara Karimipour interviews Will Marfori and Samuel Comroe.