Tupac's ghost comes through the Coachella stage. Photo/YouTube

Any college student who hasn’t heard the biggest news to come out of 2012’s Coachella music festival yet must have a workload that is close to killing them.

No worries: you can be brought back.

As anyone with a Twitter feed has heard and probably seen, Tupac stopped by during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s set at the concert by means of hologram.

He did not pass on any messages from Obi Wan Kenobi, but instead pranced around on stage and rapped his hit song “Hail Mary.”

The hologram of Tupac appeared to rise from the stage exactly a week after the holiday celebrating another man’s resurrection; a man you may have heard of who has sold similar amounts of work since his death.

The slightly transparent rapper had a bit of a back and forth with Dre and Snoop before asking the crowd, “What up, Coachella?!”

This seems to give some hint towards whether an impersonator was behind the hologram’s voice, since Tupac died three years before the festival was founded.

The idea was apparently Dr. Dre’s from the start, and although no one has commented on the exact price, a recent report puts the approximate range between $100,000 and $400,000.

I know it wouldn’t have been the same, but I feel like for that sort of money they could’ve pulled Pac’s pants up just a bit.

As funny as this is to me and as much as it’s suffered from media overkill, I must admit it is pretty great to think about what technology has been able to accomplish.

To be honest, the idea of seeing Tupac live, even as a hologram, is much more enticing to me than seeing the Beatles’ children starting a band, which they have been threatening to do.

There has been a rumor regarding Dr. Dre touring with the hologram, and although it would cost a lot, at least he could guarantee that the two would probably get along the entire time.

I support Dr. Dre for the steps he has made as a pioneer in the music industry beyond just his music.

After changing the audio game with his headphones and now this, one wonders what sense he will own next.