DeMario Mayfield was arrested Feb. 14 for misdemeanor marijuana possession by CMPD. (Photo by Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff's Office)

Charlotte 49ers’ DeMario Mayfield was arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge on Tuesday, Feb. 14 by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

The sophomore transfer from Georgia was suspended for last night’s game against the Dayton Flyers for a violation of team rules, likely related to his arrest. The press release states the Mayfield was only serving a one-game suspension. Whether or not any further disciplinary action will be taken remains a question.

Mayfield is currently third on the team in points per game with 10.7, second in assists with 58, and third in rebound per game with 6.8.

According to the North Carolina Court System’s website. Mayfield currently has two court dates for misdemeanor marijuana possession. Whether the two dates are related is unclear; the Sheriff’s department arrest inquiry database shows only one arrest.

This incident comes less than three weeks after KJ Sherrill was suspended for the game against Temple on Jan. 25 for an undisclosed rule violation.  Seniors Derrio Green and Javarris Barnett were also benched at the start of that game for rules violations.

Charlotte’s Athletic Department was unable to comment on the incident.


  1. Marijuana possession, big deal. Let the guy go. The police are supposed to be spending their time chasing thieves, murderers, and rapists.

  2. I really don’t think this article should have been published. Why are we going to sit here, make this a headline, and making the situation even worse. Yes, he made a mistake but shouldn’t we be trying to SUPPORT our guys and not knocking them down? I understand it’s news but at the same time, this is only going to make things worse. It shouldn’t be a headline article, let alone an article on a school published newspaper site.

    • @ninernation3 I agree, but as long as the article has already been published, I would like to extend my sympathy to Mr. Mayfield for having to deal with this ridiculous persecution. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and prohibition accomplishes nothing. Let the bro go free!

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