I was able to create this outfit with some items that had been neglected in my closet. Photo/ Haley Twist

As the second semester is under way and the paychecks are running low from the money earned over the holiday break, many students are finding themselves simply out of cash. I know I am.

I went shopping with my mom over the weekend (well, more like window-shopping while my mom got to actually purchase new items) and every store I walked into already had a large variety of their new spring clothing on display.

This sparked a massive urge inside me to get a leg up on my spring wardrobe, but as I stuck my hand into my purse to see how much money I had, I realized I had none.

So I sighed, walked away and decided to make the best of it. How? Reinvention.

When I got home I told myself that I would make the best out of this free Saturday afternoon and create some new outfits out of the forgotten items found in my own closet.

I sifted through the many shirts that I have not sported in ages, found colored tights buried deep in a drawer, rediscovered the black tuxedo jacket I purchased in 11th grade, found six or seven beautiful pieces of jewelry that had been left to tarnish in an old jewelry box and I may have made a stop to my sister’s closet as well (only to sift through her forgotten items, of course).

Realizing that I didn’t even have enough money to scour some clearance racks for some cute new finds left me no option but to work with what I already had. And I was pleasantly happy with the results!

I was able to take the items and pair together what seemed like a good fit, creating several “new” outfits that didn’t cost me a penny.

My favorite look out of the bunch was created by an old white long-sleeved shirt, which I layered with an old semi-sheer tee-shirt for a wintery look, a geometrical skirt that I purchased two summers ago and two pieces of lonely jewelry I managed to untangle from my jewelry box.

All in all it was a successful shopping trip, all while managing to shop from my own home!

So next time you feel the need to do a little shopping but you know you can’t afford it, try  rediscovering some things in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while. Pair the items with some newer clothes you have to create a whole new look. And if you are unsure if something still as cute as you once thought it was, try layering it with something else.

If none of these options suit your interests there are still some cheap options out there. First you could do what I did and raid the closet of a sibling or close friend. Who knows, they might be looking to get rid of some things! You could take the items off their hands.

Or you could take your clothes to a consignment shop or Plato’s closet, where the stores give you cash for your items. Use the money that you earn to purchase some new clothes, making it a trade-in.

Haley Twist is the former Niner Times Editor-in-Chief. A Religious Studies student who worked with the Niner Times for two years, she has previously served as the Lifestyle Editor and the Arts & Entertainment Editor for the paper. She is a 2012 recipient of the Randall Beavers Memorial Award and a 2013 recipient of the Shameka Smith-Hamilton Award.