For all you fashionistas out there, are there any trends you are too scared to try? It seems like as more and more time goes by, the more I am willing to try.

In high school I never would have gone near a fedora, high-waisted trousers or chunky menswear watches, but now I cannot get enough of them.

It’s funny how much my taste has changed over the past few years. I become more and more willing to try new things to push my style limits.

But as bold as I want to go, there are still those few trends, both in beauty and fashion, that I am terrified to try. It doesn’t matter how much I want to experiment, I am afraid of the failures that might come along with them.

So I have listed my top two biggest beauty and fashion fears. These are my two favorite trends I am too scared to try.

For those who are braver than I am and have tried these, I hope you have had great results.

Emma Watson sports the classic pixie cut: a look that I wish I could brave! Photo/ MCT Campus

The pixie cut.

The transition from longer, flowing hair to this short ‘do is definitely intimidating. Yes, Emma Watson pulled it off beautifully, but can the haircut have the same effect on everyone?

I really don’t know. I honestly have not seen a pixie cut that I do not like, but I am still afraid to go through with this bold haircut.

While a pixie cut is ultra-short and virtually requires you to cut off most of your hair, this look is elegant and empowering.

Instead of taking away that femininity that comes with short hair it appears to do the opposite. As much as I love this look I am terribly afraid of what a cut like this would look on me.

White jeans brighten any outfit, from summer to winter styles. Photo/ MCT Campus

White jeans.

Especially with the winter months approaching, I think white jeans are a gorgeous addition to a sweater and boots look.

Many people tend to buy a lot of black and gray during the winter, so it makes a world of difference to pair a dark-colored comfy sweater with a pair of crisp white jeans instead of the standard blue jeans. It brightens up one’s whole look.

White jeans can also be great for more professional atmospheres, such as job interviews or programs on campus.  They dress-up an outfit and are perfect if you feel like wearing jeans but want to appear a little fancier.

As someone who is accident prone, I am afraid to go anywhere near these pants because I feel like anytime I wear something white I instantly get a stain on it and then I’m stuck trying to cover it up for the rest of the day.

I really hope to one day be able to walk into a hair salon and instruct the stylist to give me an adorable, choppy pixie cut and then to go purchase a clean, crisp white pair of skinnies, but I’m not sure when that day will be.

Haley Twist is the former Niner Times Editor-in-Chief. A Religious Studies student who worked with the Niner Times for two years, she has previously served as the Lifestyle Editor and the Arts & Entertainment Editor for the paper. She is a 2012 recipient of the Randall Beavers Memorial Award and a 2013 recipient of the Shameka Smith-Hamilton Award.